Welcome to Ticket Purse

Ticket Purse has been designed and built by Steve Morgan, an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in both Project Management and development, in his spare time. Harnessing experience from various industries, with specialist experience in hospitality, he identified the need for a low-cost, yet complete ticketing solution. The project's aim is to provide a quality, multi-tiered, secure, low-cost ticketing solution to support gig / theatre / holiday businesses.

A live demo is available for you to evaluate the system. Currently the back office system has been the main area of development with careful consideration of the overall design for the website front end which provides the ability to drop booking controls (just like the one on the right) onto your own and third parties' websites to drive and enable online sales.


The system is feature complete but with a number of additional features on a development roadmap - an opportunity exists for a business to sponsor the development in return for a full licence of the system and support package.

Back Office Application

A feature-rich cross browser compatible web-application built from the ground up using MySQL, PHP and AJAX. The solution is designed to be as user-friendly as possible requiring no training.

Key Features:

  • Secure user login portal
  • Separation of the back office application and the client / third party website(s) ensuring customer data is safe and secure
  • Powerful Customer search features with full CRM functionality - back office users can store notes, contact history and assign work item actions to bookings to cover many different work flows
  • Gig / theatre / holiday booking system which provides a ticketing solution with clever algorithms that ensures no single seats are left - maximising profits
  • Payments module - flexible fuctionality enables payment handling via vouchers, cash or credit cards - linking to a payment provider of your choice
  • Scalable with maximum performance - the demo system contains over 10,000 customers with a seating plan designed to model the largest venue in the UK!
  • e-tickets - creates a PDF eticket complete with unique barcodes for ticketless venues
  • Intelligent Caching - ensures your customers only see real availability whilst limiting hardware requirements keeping hosting costs low!

Webservice / Website Booking Form

Provides a separate tier / module to ensure that your data is safe and secure

  • Secure
  • Full web-standards compliant interface so that third parties can quickly interface and you can get your existing site working quickly
  • Full control by admin in the back office to administer users and passwords to enable/disable access
  • Logging - bookings are audited and the sources tracked


A demo video of the software is coming soon.

You can evaluate a LIVE demo version of the back office software here - why not create a website booking on the right first and go view the booking in the demo system!

Guided Demo / More Questions?

Steve would be happy to take you through the system via a web conference call at a convenient time and / or would love to hear your feedback and discuss any queries or questions you have.

Call Steve Morgan on +44 (0) 7968 694745 or email stevemorgan (at) uk2.net


The system is very competitively priced with a varied range of support options. Please call me on the number above to discuss.

Demo Booking Form

Below is a sample booking form - why not create a booking and then sign into the back office system and review and process it to see how Ticket Purse works!

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